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Meet the 2017 Big and Little of the Year


Before meeting Roxanne Connor, Megan suffered from anxiety and was not doing well academically. Her mother had not been consistently in her life, and her grandmother felt like Megan would benefit from having another positive role model in her life. Roxanne, who was already volunteering at the school in other capacities, embraced the opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship and make a significant impact on a child’s life.

The results have been outstanding. Megan’s self-confidence has skyrocketed, and she is now personable and outgoing. She knows everyone in the school, and they all know her. Roxanne calls her “the mayor of Eisenhower Elementary.” Megan’s grades have improved, consistently earning a place on the Principal’s List and Honor Roll. She and Roxanne meet every week at school, writing in their journal, spending time on classwork, and talking about life’s challenges. They have made such improvement in her math skills that Megan now talks of one day getting a Ph.D in Engineering. “It just makes me feel good that I can make a difference in her life,” Roxanne said.

In addition to her role as a Big, Roxanne serves on the Big Brothers Big Sisters Pinellas Leadership Council, which helps with fundraising and recruiting, and has personally recruited numerous adults to become Bigs.

See their video journey here!